2018 Rice Industry Field Day

Thursday 15 March 2018
9:00 AM

The 2018 Rice Industry Field Day will feature research and development at the Yanco Agricultural Institute facilities by researchers, both in the field and at displays, followed by a SunRice business update.

Key in field speakers include

Brian Dunn, NSW DPI - agronomic trials which include aerobic rice trials which have not been flooded this season. He will compare water use using the different sowing methods.

Rachael Wood, NSW DPI & Functional Grain Centre, CSU – farmer practices that affect whole grain yield in rice.

Mark Stevens, NSW DPI - all things in pests including trial work on snails and armyworms

Peter Snell, NSW DPI - the rice breeding program including an inspection of new varieties in the pipeline and the processes in breeding a new variety.

Displays featuring cross-pollination of rice, insect and disease demonstrations and much more will be available for viewing during morning tea and the lunch break. What an opportunity to talk one-on-one with researchers or to discover research that you were unaware of!

An important part of the day will be after lunch when Rob Gordon-SunRice CEO and Laurie Arthur- Sunrice Chairman will provide a SunRice business update.