Cartage Rates

2018 Rice Harvesting and Cartage Rates

Below are the latest harvesting and cartage rates to assist rice growers this season.

These rates are a guide only and include demurrage. Both growers and contractors are encouraged to negotiate rates dependent on individual circumstance.

Click on the title to download the following harvest and cartage rates fact sheets in PDF form:

The RGA provides the 2018 Rice Harvest and Cartage Rates fact sheet to assist growers with recommended contracting rates.

This sample Rice Harvest and Cartage Agreement has been developed by the RGA to help alleviate the concerns of growers and allow them to sign the SunRice declaration.

This sample 2006-2007 Cartage Agreement re: Chain of responsibility has been developed to assist growers to ensure that their cartage contractors are aware of and complying with chain of responsibility legislation.

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