The RGA has developed a Safety Checklist to assist members in quickly determining on-farm hazards and risks.

The checklist is NOT designed to cover all of the hazards and risks that may be present on farms and members are encouraged to implement an OH&S policy as required by the Occupational Health & Safety Act (NSW) 2000, and the associated OH&S Regulation (NSW) 2001.

Download the Rice Grower’s Safety Checklist here

Other useful safety downloads include: 

Workcover NSW's 15 minute farm safety checklist

Workcover NSW's Farm Safety Starter Guide

WorkCover NSW’s Workers Compensation and Injury Management – Information on Trusts  

WorkCover NSW’s Dangerous Goods Fact Sheet – Tanker Loading Station

The Australian Institute of Petroleum’s Guidelines for Safe Above Ground Fuel Storage on Farms and Industrial Sites  

The Australian Communications Authority’s Telecommunications Facilities – Information for Rural Communities

For plenty of other useful information about farm safety click on the link to Farmsafe Australia at