Membership Benefits

Working for a profitable and vibrant rice industry

The Ricegrowers' Association of Australia Inc. provides a strong, united voice for the rice industry. We represent the interests of rice growers, and provide services to members, to ensure they can provide a legacy for their children, create employment in their districts and grow quality rice.

With rice still the mainstay of many Riverina towns today, it is important that RGA members have strong and effective representation. RGA fulfils this role by representing and leading growers on issues affecting the viability and sustainability of their businesses, the industry and their regional communities.

Despite the success of the Association in helping shape the rice industry into one of the most successful agricultural industries in Australia today, rice growers need the Association more than ever to address the challenges of the future.

Without the financial support of all present and past rice growers, the RGA cannot continue to be as effective as it has in the past.

Download the full brochure outlining the benefits of becoming an RGA member here.