Agriculture Focused on Solution to Soaring Electricity Prices

28 Aug 2013 9:36 AM -

The Ricegrowers’ Association of Australia (RGA) attended a forum in Brisbane last week to discuss escalating electricity prices and their impact on agriculture and manufacturing. 

The forum, organised by the Queensland Farmers Federation and Cotton Australia, pulled together representatives from across agriculture and irrigation; small and large business; and community sectors to discuss possible solutions to address the alarming rise in energy prices and plan a coordinated response. 

The event was attended by RGA Executive Director, Ruth Wade, who said electricity price rises are a major issue for irrigated agriculture generally and have the potential to stymie farmers’ efforts to move to more water efficient irrigation infrastructure.

“We have heard first hand from farmers who have reduced their water use on farm by moving to lateral move and centre-pivot irrigators or sub-surface drip systems who are now finding the electricity costs associated with operating this infrastructure prohibitive,” Ms Wade said.

“The reality is that most farmers are now very worried. Worried about how they are going to pay their electricity bills. Some have even reverted back to more traditional, gravity fed irrigation methods in an attempt to get these costs under control.”

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