Burn Stubble Responsibly

8 Apr 2013 3:58 PM - Rice growers asked to burn stubble responsibly

 With another large rice harvest having commenced, the Ricegrowers’ Association of Australia (RGA) has asked farmers intending to burn stubble at the end of the season to do so responsibly.

"During the rice harvest growers will be preparing for planting winter crops and many rice growers will be burning stubble. We are calling on all rice growers to reduce the effects on nearby properties and townships."

"The rice industry thinks it’s unacceptable to inflict smoke from stubble burning on nearby residents, especially those with respiratory conditions for whom exposure to the smoke can have serious health implications. We need to be a responsible industry that cares about the communities in which we live."

Mr Bomm said that farmers need to understand how local wind and air conditions disperse smoke, and make responsible decisions when burning.

"Growers should plan their burning strategy to avoid inappropriate conditions for burning that will adversely affect neighbours. This means avoiding burning wet stubble or burning when winds will blow smoke across roads or towards towns."

"Following our campaign last year, incidents of problem stubble burning were well down on previous years. We hope to maintain that progress this season."

A brochure providing more infomration on safe and responsible stubble burning is available from your local ECP Coordinator or the RGA's Leeton office on 02 6953 0433.

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