Changes to the draft Basin Plan

28 May 2012 10:03 AM - MDBA advises Revised Plan released

Today MDBA sent the revised Basin Plan to ministers as the next step in developing a plan for the Murray-Darling Basin.

MDBA have also released a report detailing the changes made to the draft plan based on submissions received during the consultation period.

It has been an intensive process over the last 12 months, involving hundreds of round table meetings and briefings in council facilities, on farms, racing tracks or town halls.  There have been formal and informal meetings, conversations and thousands of phone calls.

Since the release of the draft in November, MDBA have continued to consider and test ideas and information to revise the draft plan that MDBA is now presenting to Basin governments. MDBA thinks that the plan is well-balanced and presents a way forward on management of the Murray-Darling system.

This version of the plan, called the 'Proposed Basin Plan - a revised draft', now enters its ministerial and parliamentary process. It goes to all Basin water ministers for consideration for a minimum of six weeks, as stipulated by the Water Act. Following this, the Basin Plan will be given to the Federal Water Minister.

The documents released today and available from the MDBA website are:

  • The transmission letter to Basin State Ministers
  • Proposed Basin Plan - a revised draft
  • Environmental watering plan guidelines
  • The proposed Basin Plan consultation report
  • The socio-economic implications of the proposed Basin Plan.

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