Farmsafe Farmer of the Year Award 2012

14 Jun 2012 4:06 PM - Recognise farm safety excellence in Australia

About the Award

The Farmsafe Farmer of the Year Award is designed to recognise farm safety excellence in Australia.

The award is made by Farmsafe Australia to acknowledge and showcase farmers who successfully combine farm safety with sustainable farming business.

Farmsafe Farmer of the Year will be awarded $1,500.

The Award will be presented at the Farmsafe Australia Conference Dinner on August 3rd 2012 at Mt Isa, Queensland.

Who Can Enter

The Farmsafe Farmer of the Year is open to all Australian farmers.

How to Enter

Application forms are available for download from the Farmsafe Australia website:

You can also provide additional information about your farm after addressing the essential criteria.

Please keep your application to one page per question, with one extra page for additional information.

Selection Process

The finalist will be selected by the judging panel, which consists of representatives from Farmsafe Australia.Finalists shortlisted will participate in a farm visit and interview as well as participating in media and marketing activities.

The Finalist’s travel expenses will be covered by Farmsafe Australia.

Closing Date

Friday 13 July 2012

 Further Information

Please contact Farmsafe Australia 02 6752 8218.

Send your application to:

Please complete this application and return to Farmsafe Australia by post, fax or email.

Farmsafe Australia Inc

P O Box 256, Moree NSW 2400

 Ph: 02 6752 8218, Fax: 02 6752 6639