Landmark water market project

15 Apr 2013 2:43 PM - Joint research project into temporary water market

The NSW Irrigators' Council (NSWIC) and Ricegrowers' Association of Australia (RGA) have joined forces to undertake a landmark research project into the temporary water market in New South Wales.

NSWIC Economic Policy Analyst Stefanie Schulte says the research will examine the factors that drive temporary water market prices. It will also assess the extent to which government action causes price fluctuations.

Project Manager at the RGA, Andrew Bomm, says that water market prices have been very volatile. The project aims to uncover the drivers of that volatility. Water market prices are dependent on a range of different factors, some of which we currently do not fully understand.  Data on temporary water market trades is in some cases limited and we are unsure of the effect of barriers to trade that currently exist. This makes the analysis more complex. We need to understand what information is currently available so that we can target further research to fill the gaps.

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For more information contact Andrew Bomm on 0408 279 006 ( or Stephanie Schulte on 0411 700 883