Murray Valley Water announcements

2 Sep 2011 11:14 AM - Allocations remain low

The Ricegrowers’ Association of Australia, Inc. (RGA) has expressed its disappointment at continuing low water allocations for NSW Murray Valley irrigators, following yesterday’s announcement by the NSW Office of Water of a 15 per cent allocation for general security entitlement holders.

RGA President Les Gordon said that the announcement did not properly reflect the amount of water in the system.

“Relying on carryover statistics to claim that the allocation represents an average access to 83 per cent of entitlement is, although statically true, misleading,” Mr Gordon said.

“Irrigators find themselves in a range of circumstances, where such averages don’t form the basis for their own planning decisions. The reality is that general security irrigators still only have access to 15 per cent of their entitlement, despite the most favourable conditions in years.”

Mr Gordon concluded that “Given the availability of water in the system, we look forward to the allocation building quickly”. 

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