Niall Blair Stands up for Murray Darling People, Communities and the Environment

21 Dec 2017 3:17 PM -
The Ricegrowers’ Association of Australia (RGA) commends NSW Minister for Regional Water Niall Blair, for the stand he took at the recent Ministerial Council (MINCO) meeting. The Agricultural sector and irrigation groups have long argued for a pragmatic approach to managing water to achieve mutual benefits for the environment and farming practices. The RGA in particular does not support the recovery of the 450 GL of ‘upwater’ from productive use.

The RGA President, Jeremy Morton, said, “The significant amount of existing water recovered for the environment is starting to show some promise and this will only improve over time. Regional communities and farmers are part of the environment and they want it to be healthy. We have always said that we do not support the recovery of any more productive water and support the stand taken by the NSW and Victorian Governments. It is encouraging to see that Niall Blair agrees with this position and will not allow Basin communities and industries to be further impacted by compromising the implementation of the Basin Plan.”