Purchase your snail treatment product early to avoid missing out

29 Oct 2012 3:25 PM -

NSW DPI are advising that snails could again be a problem for rice crops this year, especially in return rice paddocks.

Due to the lag time between manufacturers getting information about demand and being able to bring copper sulphate product to the market, we are strongly advising those expecting to require snail treatment product to make their purchase as soon as possible so any shortfall can be known to manufacturers and responded to before the window of opportunity for treatment has closed. Delaying purchase until later in the season could mean that there is no product available when you need it.

When talking to other growers, please advise them of the need to get in and buy their required copper sulphate as soon as possible.

For more information contact: Andrew Bomm, Policy Officer, RGA

Tel: (02) 6953 0910 or M: 0408 279 006