Review Of Rice Vesting 2016-17

18 Jul 2016 9:11 AM -
The Department of Primary Industries (DPI) is undertaking a review of rice vesting in NSW during 2016 - 2017.

Under the Rice Marketing Act 1983, all rice produced in NSW is vested in the Rice Marketing Board for the State of NSW. The vesting period is established by government proclamation, with the current period expiring on 30 June 2017. Before making a decision on the future of rice vesting, a review is being undertaken to determine whether vesting continues to be in the best interests of the rice industry and the broader community.

Please see DPI Information Paper and Terms of Reference, which provide further information here. 

Stakeholders including growers, local businesses, water companies and councils are encouraged to make submissions. It is important for growers and stakeholders to make submissions, as the review focuses on determining whether vesting continues to be in the best interests of the rice industry and the broader community.Annual reports to Ricegrowers since the last review have demonstrated that the current Vesting arrangements deliver significant benefits to growers and the community at a negligible cost. 

The Ricegrowers’ Association of Australia (RGA) holds a position that the current rice vesting arrangements are in the best interests of the rice industry and the broader community, and for this reason should be continued.
The RGA’S position is supported by Grant Thornton Australia’s most recent independent review of the export price premium, as outlined in The Rice Marketing Board’s 4th Annual Report (October 2015). In particular, Grant Thornton review highlights the following two advantages of the current rice vesting arrangements:
  •  An export price premium delivered to growers of $82.4 million
  • Freight scale advantage of $14.3 million (2013-14: $18.5 million) delivered to growers, in addition to the export price premium
  • The export premium and freight advantage combined translate into a benefit of $116 per tonne

The review will be concluded in late 2016, and will report to the NSW Minister for Primary Industries.

**Written submissions are due by 14 September 2016 and can be sent to the address below or emailed to

Rice Vesting Review, C/- Ms Leah Mansfield, Department of Primary Industries, Locked Bag 21, ORANGE, NSW, 2800.

For further information about making a submission please contact us at or phone 02 6953 0433.