Rice growers celebrate price increase this Christmas

12 Dec 2014 9:31 AM -

The Ricegrowers’ Association of Australia (RGA) has welcomed a SunRice announcement of an additional $20 per tonne for growers for their 2014 crop.  

RGA President Les Gordon said the payment, enabled by the strong half yearly performance of the grower owned company, would flow through to growers and local communities in time for Christmas.  

“The announcement of a minimum of $360 per tonne medium grain paddy price for the C14 crop is a massive boost, providing an additional $16.6 million for growers across the Riverina.”  

“It’s a great Christmas present for growers and our local communities, who also share the benefit of this success,” said Mr Gordon.  

Mr Gordon said that the strong paddy price is especially welcome when water for irrigation is in such high demand from a range of industries. 

“All growers have been grappling with the economic challenge posed by high temporary water prices in recent seasons.” 

“Such a strong price confirms that rice will continue to be a profitable cropping option for our growers in the years ahead,” he said.  

SunRice has also announced a special five cent dividend payment for B-class shareholders. 

“It’s fantastic that SunRice’s strong performance has also allowed the company to reward growers who continue to invest in their company,” said Mr Gordon.

Download full statement here.