Rice Industry Environmental Survey

27 Aug 2012 1:40 PM - Closes 30 September 2012

In 2000 the rice industry embarked on a strategic and proactive approach to environmental management with the goal of improving the image of the industry, continual improvement in environmental management and supporting rice growers for a strong future.

In 2001 the industry adopted an environmental policy, developed with the involvement of all sectors of the industry.  This led to the development of strategies and research in areas such as biodiversity and greenhouse and ultimately the Environmental Champions Program (ECP). In 2012 the RGA is undertaking a review of the ECP, the environmental policy and other strategies which underpin it with the support of the Murray Catchment Management Authority.

The review provides the opportunity to document and celebrate the achievements of the program and what has been learnt over the past 12 years.  It also provides the opportunity to look forward to what the industry’s future needs are.

The review will involve collecting information and feedback from rice growers, others in the rice industry and partner organisations.

Please be part of the review by filling out the survey to help us gain a better understanding of what issues are important to you and how the industry is responding to environmental challenges.  A similar survey was undertaken in 2000 prior to the development of the industry’s Environmental Policy.

All individual responses to this survey will remain confidential.  Combined results will be communicated to members and other parties as part of the review.

Please return your survey by 30 September 2012

To an RGA team member  or  By fax  026953 3823  or

e-mail  neil.bull@murrayirrigation.com.au