Rice industry needs clear direction on Basin Plan

2 Mar 2016 9:41 PM -
The Ricegrowers’ Association of Australia (RGA) has called for the Commonwealth Government to provide certainty about the Basin Plan process from here.

RGA President Jeremy Morton said that it is time for the government to provide a clear statement of intent about the water recovery affecting irrigation communities.

“There is a strong sense in our communities that the government is going to continue to buy irrigators’ water entitlements, further reducing economic activity in the region.”

“With the remaining water recovery likely to come from state environmental projects and other efficiency measures, further buybacks shouldn’t be necessary. It’s now time for the government to make this absolutely clear to irrigators so we can re-build confidence in the region once favourable conditions return.”

“Having the threat of further buybacks lingering is unnecessary and should be ruled out completely. They’re done, so let’s put the issue to bed.”