Ricegrowers’ Association welcomes investment

5 Aug 2015 4:46 PM -

The Ricegrowers’ Association of Australia (RGA) today welcomed the announcement by the Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister for the Environment, the Hon. Bob Baldwin, and NSW Minister for Primary Industries Niall Blair, of $263m of joint Commonwealth and NSW government investment in on-farm irrigation efficiency projects across Southern NSW. 

RGA President Les Gordon said that RGA would be managing a segment of this important investment in local agricultural industries. 

“The government’s On-farm Irrigation Efficiency Program is an important way to make sure any water removed from irrigation is done in a way that maintains our region’s agricultural productivity.”

 “The alternatives for Commonwealth water recovery are far worse for our communities. On farm efficiency projects deliver outcomes for the environment that also meet our needs.” 

Mr Gordon stated that RGA will continue to work with both sides of politics to mitigate the social and economic effects of the Basin Plan.

 “We will continue to raise our concerns about the Basin Plan. We know that cuts to water availability are affecting irrigation communities. They have led to higher temporary water prices, less production and less economic activity in our towns.” 

“However, we understand the Plan has bipartisan support and water will be recovered in some way. RGA has worked with both sides of politics to make sure buybacks are minimised, and that water is recovered in ways that maintains regional productivity.”  

“Our involvement in managing this project is part of RGA’s commitment to finding practical, common sense ways to reduce the effects of the Basin Plan.”  

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