Single desk delivers for Riverina rice growers

22 Nov 2013 4:52 PM -

The Ricegrowers’ Association of Australia (RGA) has welcomed new evidence from the Rice Marketing Board (RMB) of NSW confirming the $80 million benefit of single desk rice marketing arrangements to the state’s rice growers.

RGA President, Les Gordon, said that the recently released RMB annual report to NSW rice growers demonstrates the positive difference the current system makes to grower returns.

“This report from the RMB, independently audited by Grant Thornton Corporate Finance, makes a crystal clear statement. The best possible return for exporting Australian rice comes from the RMB being able to vest the sole and exclusive licence to export rice from NSW in SunRice,” said Mr Gordon.

“The RMB found this arrangement brought growers a $65.9m export price premium for the 2012-13 crop year. On top of this, growers also saved $13.5m in freight costs due to the freight scale advantage single desk marketing brings.”   

“This means higher prices to growers than would be the case if the single desk for rice were dismantled. It also means an additional $80 million stays within the Riverina’s rice growing communities.”

Mr Gordon again expressed his thanks to the NSW Government for the decision to maintain the single desk.

“At the time of the NSW Government’s decision to continue vesting, I said it was a decision made in the best interests of growers and our communities. This report confirms that fact, and I thank the government for its continued support of these arrangements.”  

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