The birds are back!

20 Dec 2011 11:02 AM -

President of the Ricegrowers’ Association of Australia, Inc (RGA), Les Gordon, welcomed news today that the 2010 annual aerial survey across eastern and central Australia shows the return of large numbers of birds across the region including in the Murray Darling Basin.

Mr Gordon said “For those of us who live and work in the Basin every day, many of whom have spent long hours in recent weeks chasing ducks and other water birds away from emerging rice crops, there has been no doubt that the environment has bounced back very quickly from 10 years of severe drought.” 

“These survey results vindicate our assertion that the Basin environment is not dead,” he continued.

“People in communities across the Basin feel that they are not listened to when the state of the Basin environment is being debated so it is heartening to note that this long running scientific survey supports our local observations.”

Mr Gordon said, “The timing of this news is extremely important given that more than 12,000 people turned out over 2 days last week to express their concerns at the Draft Basin Plan, which many fear has been developed by people without a clear understanding of the strength and resilience of the environment.”

“The communities which turned out last week simply cannot be ignored by the Murray Darling Basin Authority and the Commonwealth Government.”

“Their voices must be heard and their experience and knowledge about how to manage Basin resources respected and fully harnessed to ensure equitable outcomes for the environment and the social and economic future of the Basin,” Mr Gordon concluded.

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