Showcasing excellence in rice growing

Through our work every day with growers we hear how proud they are of the rice industry and so we are proud to be lending our support to tell their stories. To help get these positive messages out, we have developed a series of short videos to showcase why our growers love doing what they do, and how good they are at doing it. 

The videos feature growers like Peter and Renee Burke, the 2019 SunRice Growers of the Year; Scott and Carl Williams from Murrami and the Cremasco family from Widgelli. The common thread of all the stories portrayed is that growers recognise the importance of the environment as well as the economic value of rice to their businesses, and their passion for growing rice shines through. 
By now you will have received information introducing the series and possibly seen the social media campaign featuring the videos. The initiative has been well received so far and you can help it spread by sharing the videos through your networks to showcase the sustainability and productivity of our iconic rice industry. 

The first video in the series is Saving the Bittern which showcases the excellent work done by growers in collaboration with researchers to assist in the conservation of the Australasian bittern in the rice fields of the NSW Riverina region. The fact that Bitterns are surviving and thriving in our rice is a testament to the environmental credentials of rice and our industry. 

We have also launched a brand new sustainability page on the SunRice website to provide a place for us to tell some of the great stories of what we have been doing well for over 70 years. However, because we know there is lots more to do, it also builds a foundation for us to better articulate our ambitions, targets and goals and continue to embed sustainability in how we do business.

I invite you to visit the site to understand some of the actions being taken to minimise the footprint of our business and industry. 

Sustainability website:
Saving the Bittern:

Laurie Arthur
SunRice Group Chairman