2020 RGA Branch Annual General meetings and Industry Updates

The Ricegrowers' Association of Australia's Annual General Meetings will be conducted online this year due to the COVID-19 restrictions

You can join your Branch AGM by clicking on your Branch's link on the nominated day and time below. 

We're using Microsoft teams as the webinar tool for the meetings.  For simple instructions on how to join the meeting using Microsoft Teams. Click here.  RGA Support Staff are available to help, their contacts details are below. If you are in a poor reception area you may decide to have your own ‘RGA Branch Watch Party’ by joining with other family members or neighbours that you already have contact with, to share a screen.  (The RGA reminds all members to comply with COVID-19 regulations and practise physical distancing at gatherings.)

Note : Members who don’t have an email have received an letter in the post about the Online format for our AGM's and instructions for getting RGA support.

Branch Annual General Meetings (AGM's)

The Branch AGM’s will include a Presidents report, a brief SunRice update (the main update will occur in the Industry Update sessions) the election of Branch representatives and Central Executive Delegates, the definition of resolutions for discussion at the Annual RGA AGM, and nominations for Honorary Membership.

Industry Updates

The RGA are conducting Industry Update sessions with representatives from SunRice, the Rice Marketing Board, Grower Services, Water Policy, Environmental Sustainability Policy and an update from our partner H2OX.   The representatives from each stakeholder group will be available to take questions on the day. Questions can be registered in advance by sending to the RGA Staff members@rga.org.au  or raised on the day via phone or using the webinar link (MSTeams). 

The sessions have been scheduled for morning, midday and afternoon, so you can select just  one of these sessions to suit your time commitments, or come along to the session that has been set up for your RGA branch and your neighbouring RGA branches. 


Monday 26th  12:00 - 12:40pm

Link to Agenda    /    Link to join the meeting


Tuesday 30th June  12:00 - 12:40 pm

Link to Agenda    /    Link to join the meeting


Wednesday 1st July 10:00 - 10:40 am

Link to Agenda    /    Link to join the meeting


Wednesday 1st July 6:00 - 6:40 pm

Link to Agenda    /     Link to join the meeting

Deniliquin & Victoria

Monday 29th  6:00 - 6:40 pm

Link to Agenda    /    Link to join the meeting


Tuesday 30th June  6:00 - 6:40 pm

Link to Agenda    /     Link to join the meeting


Wednesday 1st July 12:00 - 12:40 am

Link to Agenda    /     Link to join the meeting

Deniliquin, Victoria & Wakool

Thursday 2nd July 9:30-11:30 am

Link to meeting

Coleambally & Berriquin

Thursday 2nd July 5:00-7:00 pm

Link to meeting

Yanco, Mirrool & Hay

Friday 3rd July 11:00-1:00 pm

Link to meeting

Industry Update Agenda

  • Welcome and Ricegrowers' Association of Australia's 2020 Update  - Rob Massina RGA President (15 mins)
  • Water Policy Update and questions - Rachel Kelly, RGA Policy Manager (15 mins)
    • Basin Plan update and Water Sharing Plan: Including Under-usage and 'Drought of Record' (Refer to attachment and document link above)
  • Environmental Sustainability and questions - Neil Bull, RGA Environmental Manager (10 mins)
    •  RGA Solar Farm Policy and project updates 
  • SunRice Update and Questions  - Laurie Arthur, Chair (15 minutes)
  • R&D & Agrifutures Update  - Antony Vagg, Interim Chair of Rice R&D Panel and Lucinda Staley, Manager Research Agrifutures (15 mins)
    • Recent R&D and Industry Affairs. (Refer to document link above)
  • Rice Vesting and questions - John Culleton , Chair Rice Marketing Board (20 mins)
  • Telstra  - Marcus Swinburne, Regional Manager (5 minutes)
    • Telstra update on Round 5 of the Mobile Black spot program
  • H2OX - Craig Feuerherdt, (20 mins )
    • Water availability Outlook for 2020-21 Season 

You can dial in using your phone.

02 7208 4641 - Australia, Sydney

Follow the prompts to enter the Conference id. Each branch has a unique id.

  • Coleambally Branch AGM            Conference ID: 927 268 616#
  • Deniliquin Branch AGM                Conference ID: 642 282 333#
  • Wakool Branch AGM                    Conference ID: 292 908 811#
  • Berriquin Branch AGM                  Conference ID: 611 536 375#
  • Mirrool Branch AGM                      Conference ID: 680 877 096#
  • Yanco Branch AGM                       Conference ID: 918 813 508#
  • Hay Branch AGM                           Conference ID: 945 653 61#
  • Deni Vic and Wakool Industry Updates                 Conference ID: 762 430 696#
  • Coleambally and Berriquin Industry Updates        Conference ID: 953 503 0#
  • Yanco Mirrool and Hay Industry Updates              Conference ID: 576 997 619#

If you have any concerns about using this technology, give the RGA Staff a call on one of these number for help.

  • Ainsley Massina, RGA Leadership Program,
    0428 859 214  (Monday)
  • Belinda Lambert, RGA Communications Manager,   
    0488 071 165  (Tuesday & Wednesday)
  • Carmel Cristofaro, RGA Office Manager,   
    02 6953 0433   (Thursday & Friday)