Stubble management

Responsible Stubble Management

Stubble burning is an important tool for rice growers, but smoke can affect local communities when poor practices are used.
Every incident that negatively affects local communities puts your right to burn at risk.
Take care to minimise the effects of stubble burning by preventing smoke from covering nearby towns, neighbouring dwellings or roads.
Link to the Stubble Burning infographics.

Fact Sheet - Responsible Stubble Management.

Burning tool from BOM

Check for suitable burning conditions using a new weather tool on the Bureau of Meteorology’s website. The Bureau’s ‘mixing height’ information is used by fire authorities when determining appropriate conditions for hazard reduction burns and is an excellent tool for farmers when planning for stubble burning.
How to find mixing height information
1. Visit the MetEye section of the BOM website.
2. Click on the ‘Wind Forecasts’ tab on the left of screen.
3. A button offering the ‘mixing height’ option will appear – click on this.
4. Use the zoom function to zoom into your location on the map, and the arrow above the map to get a forecast for burning conditions over coming days.

Wind direction information
5. Another button under ‘Wind Forecasts’ is ‘speed + direction’. Again use the zoom function for your location and the arrow above the map for a forecast over coming days.

What to look for
6. Using the ‘mixing height’ tool, look for dark orange and red as indicators of the best conditions for burning.
7. Using the wind ‘speed + direction’ tool, look for wind direction to avoid local towns and roads, and light blue colours for the right wind speed.