Important Information for RGA Members

Due to COVID - 19 RGA has deferred all upcoming face to face events, and will investigate alternative delivery options. 

RGA Gala Dinner and Rice Industry Awards

Griffith, NSW.

Due to Covid19 the RGA Annual Conference will not be held in 2020, this is very disappointing for the RGA team as this is our major event for the year. We take great pride in being able to put on a great conference for our members and supporters of the Rice Industry. Should we be able to hold events in the second half of the year, the RGA will host a gala dinner to celebrate the industry and the SunRice Grower of the Year 2020 - we will also hold our Annual General Meeting at this time.
Our full Annual Conference program will be back in 2021, bigger and better.

Chemical Card Plus training – Online

RuralBiz Training are now offering the Chemical Card Plus training in a one day, online format. It’s the next best thing to a face to face course – even better in these times of social distancing!  Some pre-course work is required which helps the day run smoothly. The training will cover two nationally accredited units: AHCCHM307 Prepare and apply chemicals to control pest, weeds and diseases; and AHCCHM304 Transport, handle and store chemicals.

Choose from the following course dates:
20 May with Greg Murtha
5 June with Reg Kidd
19 June with Angela Stewart
Also self-paced online (enrol anytime) or distance education (enrol anytime)
This training is fully subsidised by the NSW government for eligible students. CLICK HERE to complete an expression of interest form. Are you outside NSW? CLICK HERE for full course details and costs.

Apply now to become a Non-Executive Director for AgriFutures Australia

AgriFutures Australia is a Research and Development Corporation with the vision to grow the long term prosperity of Australian rural industries. Headquartered at Wagga Wagga, NSW, AgriFutures Australia has a unique mandate to invest in research, leadership, innovation and learning to support 13 rural industries (including rice, chicken meat, export fodder, honey bee and pollination, thoroughbred horses, ginger, tea tree oil, pasture seeds, goat fibre, buffalo, kangaroo, deer and ratite); new and emerging industries; as well as opportunity and challenges that affect the whole of Australian agriculture.

We are looking for people who are:

  • genuinely passionate and share our purpose
  • willing to actively engage with our levy payers and other stakeholders
  • excited and optimistic about the future of Australian agriculture
  • adventurous and willing to take calculated risks
  • willing and able to commit the time required to fulfil the role (40-60 days per year)
  • good communicators who always act ethically and with integrity.

In addition, we are looking for a good understanding and skill set across the following areas:

  • rural Industries and agriculture
  • science, innovation and agrifood tech 
  • finance and audit 
  • governance and risk 
  • impact assessment and performance monitoring.

Other considerations include gender, cultural, geographical and age diversity. 

No previous Board experience is required. This is a unique opportunity for people with the right skill set to drive innovation across rural industries.

AgriFutures Australia is a Government statutory authority, a partnership between the Australian Government and rural industries. For more information visit 

Enquiries and applications should be submitted to by Sunday 17 May, 2020 5:00 PM.

Cultivate – Growing Young Leaders Program, Picture you in Ag 

Are you an early career professional with a passion to lead and advocate for agriculture? If so then Picture You in Agriculture (PYiA), in conjunction with Corteva Agriscience, is seeking applications to join the prestigious Cultivate – Growing Young Leaders program. Graduates of this program become Young Farming Champions – a national network of globally connected young thought leaders thriving in business and in life, who are inspiring community pride in Australian agriculture. Young people aged between 18 and 30, who are studying or who have completed an agriculture-related degree, are invited to apply for the Cultivate – Growing Young Leaders program. Successful applicants will receive an incredible two-year package of support including media training, networking and mentorship opportunities to help them share their stories with the nation. For more information, CLICK HERE. To fill out the expression of interest form, CLICK HERE.

Applications close 31 May 2020

New South Wales Farm Crime Survey.

One of the primary problems facing rural communities is incidents of crime that impact on the function of pastoral, agricultural and aquaculture farming operations. To address this issue, the UNE Centre for Rural Criminology is undertaking a survey on farm crime in New South Wales. In order to combat farm crime, they need valuable information from those involved in farming who have key insights into the important issues. Have your say in the fight against rural crime! CLICK HERE to take the survey

Emergency + App

Members, the RGA urge you to download this free app for emergencies. It only takes a moment.

When you click on the icon it displays your exact location, with your address and GPS coordinates. The latter can be vital when you are on the road between towns, at the farm or in the back paddock. 

You then click on the service you need :
000 Triple Zero, SES – State Emergency Services or Police and tell the operator your location.

For example, our farm location is “about, halfway between town A and town B, 3.7 km past a large property sign, the track on the left before the big right bend, go through two gates.  You can’t miss it!”

Yes, there is still a dependency on having reception, but please take this moment and be prepared.

Rice Extension Podcast

‘The Rice Life’ a Rice Extension Podcast that aims to deliver the latest from the Rice Industry so growers can stay informed and connected. Each episode features a different topic and professional from within the Rice Growing community. A new means of delivering information during this time of COVID-19, extension officers Charleton & Harriet are delivering growers information on the latest Research & Development, industry news and events from across the Murray and Murrumbidgee. 
Short and snappy segments the podcast are perfect afternoon pick me up, between 20 – 50 minutes in length they make for great listening whilst travelling, sowing or doing house chores. 
Rice Extension invites you to sit back and enjoy their new Podcast, available now on Soundcloud and Itunes Podcast. 


1. Rice Extension Trailer 


2. Rice Wrap up – Harvest Update 


Quick harvest update with Mark Groat from Grower Service about current C20 season, potential yield outcomes and the challenges that growers are facing so this season. 


3. Cracking Up over Whole Grain Yield 

Talking all thing Whole Grain Yield with Dr Rachel Wood and PhD candidate Allister Clarke.  Rachel explains her findings on the impact of grower management practices on whole grain yield. She look in particular at planting density, the rate and timing of fertilizer application and different irrigation methods on rice grain quality. Allister Clarke, is currently completing his PhD through Functional Grains Centre and Food Agility CRC to develop a model to allow rice to be graded on quality at the delivery stand. Only in the in infancy of his studies, Allister chats about the future outcomes of his research and what it could mean for growers. 


4. Bitterns in Rice,  Sustainable – Release date Thursday 21st May

We chat with ecologist Matt Herring about the Bitterns in Rice project. We explore how wildlife, biodiversity and agriculture fit hand in hand. We chat with Rice Grower Hayden Cudmore about growing Bittern Friendly Rice and his daughter Sarah as a young professional who is living and working in the space of sustainable agriculture. 


5. Harvest Happy Hour, C20 Overview – Release date Thursday 4th June 

Harvest Happy Hour, features an overview of the C20 season. We chat with SunRice staff and current growers to how this year has been, it’s challenges and successes of the season. We look at the impacts of COVID-19 and what it means for the Rice Industry.  Our podcast is an interactive platform in which we are here to deliver information that growers, advisors and industry supports want to hear. If you have an idea for topic, guest or a questions you’d like answered please reach out to the Rice Extension Team – e-mail or follow their social media channel @riceextension on twitter and facebook. Instructions on how to listen are on the Rice Extension  WEBSITE.