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Posted on 12/17/2020
Irrign farmers have been deprived of an average 375 GL of water per year for period 2012-19


Posted on 11/20/2020


Posted on 11/18/2020
RGA is proud that our people continue to take up key leadership roles within our peak bodies.


Posted on 10/23/2020
MDBA's apparent lack of urgency is totally oblivious to what’s actually happening in the system.


Posted on 10/23/2020
Proposed water charge increases are insensitive to the current realities of the farming landscape.


Posted on 10/12/2020
The RGA is calling on the NSW Govt to pull out all stops to ensure that every last drop is allocate.


Posted on 9/4/2020
The RGA welcomes the Federal Governments' commitment to stop water buybacks from farmers


Posted on 8/4/2020
We have continuously lobbied for an open and transparent water market, and we are not stopping now.

20200803 Where has the water gone

Posted on 8/3/2020
The RGA calls on the NSW Government to to improve the allocation system and the information provided

20200731 ACCC calls for water market reforms

Posted on 7/31/2020
The ACCC calls for ‘decisive and comprehensive reform’ of the water market


Posted on 7/16/2020
This Bill could result in the locking up of approx 18 - 25% of effective allocation, for no reason

20200709 Water sharing win, but environment still on top

Posted on 7/9/2020
The RGA finally see some movement from government on their Water Sharing Plan concerns.


Posted on 6/22/2020
A chance to improve general security water entitlement reliability in Water Sharing Plans

20200617 Misguided Drought of Record Bill

Posted on 6/16/2020
If this Bill is passed it could reduce annual general security water allocations by 18% - 25%.


Posted on 6/2/2020
The reliability of GS entitlements will be permanently reduced if this motion is implemented.

20200528 High inflows justify a 1 June General Security allocation

Posted on 5/28/2020
The RGA says a 1 June GS Allocation is justified

20200514 RGA attempts to estimate tomorrow's allocation announcements

Posted on 5/14/2020
The RGA expect there have been sufficient inflows to justify a small allocation increase.

20200513 Lower Lakes Freshwater in doubt

Posted on 5/13/2020
The independent panel report leaves many unanswered questions about Lower Lakes future.

20200429 Keelty report misses the mark

Posted on 4/29/2020
The RGA finds a large gap between the Terms of Reference and what was delivered.

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