The Ricegrowers’ Association of Australia (RGA) believes that developing strong and effective industry leaders is essential. These leaders will assist the rice industry to structurally adjust to the many drivers of change influencing the industry. They will also allow the industry to continue it’s economic, environmental and innovation success.
Our vision is to establish a self-replenishing cohort of rice industry leaders who are diverse in knowledge and experience. They will be skilled, confident and self-aware to take on the leadership roles presented to them via the organisations associated with the industry.


A series of short, sharp professional development programs that will give you the skills and confidence to excel in your work, study, business or personal life.

Josh Farr from Campus Consultancy is an experienced facilitator who will guide you through these interactive online workshops.

If you have any questions about this program call Ainsley Massina on 0428859214. 

Module 1

Time Management – 
How do you determine what is relevant to you and your business/work/study to ensure good time management? With so much in the news and iPhones full of distractions, it’s easy to lose hours in the day! In fact, did you know that between news, social media, on-demand streaming, and checking email, the average person loses more than 21 hours per week? (Inc, 2018) his workshop will help you master your time and keep your eyes on the prize for your work and your business.
In this workshop, you will learn how to: 
· reduce the stress and anxiety from procrastination, 
· analyse your weekly effectiveness/efficiency using our online TIME168 Tool, 
· start mornings off strongly with our 60&YOU formula, 
· achieve your career goals with our 60&ONE formula 
· Reflect, analyse and plan for the following week with our 60&RAP formula. 
Also in this workshop, you will learn not just how to set S.M.A.R.T.(E.R.) goals for yourself, your business and your work-life, but also the psychology behind goal-setting, how to motivate yourself & transform dreams into results. You will take action in real-time in the workshop & see how much can be achieved in all aspects of your life. 
In this workshop, you will learn how to: 
· Identify the 8 major categories of goal-setting
· Master the psychology of goal setting
· Develop S.M.A.R.T.(E.R.) goals for 2020 & beyond
· Calibrate your calendar to represent your high-priority goals and actions
· Create a 10-day plan of action to bring your goals to life

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Module 2

Communication skills – Did you know that 93% of making an impression is not what you say? (Journal of Counselling Psychology) In this workshop, you will practice the skills to compel customers, clients, partners and employers to engage with you on a personal level, understand your motivations & be moved to act on your 'ask.'  You can take this skillset to social platforms such as LinkedIn, Youtube or podcasting to build your 'personal brand.’
· Identify techniques of effective communication in all speakers you admire
· Model effective communicators
· Apply the 55:38:7 Rule of Communication
· Identify your unique communication strengths & style
If you want to stand out as a great communicator in your business and your industry, one of the top skills to master is the skill of confident communication. This workshop will show you how to create 10-types of digital marketing, a 3-layer marketing strategy and how to design each piece of content to empower the audience to think, feel and act in specific ways. If you are ready to take your digital communication to the next level, and deepen relationships with your clients, this workshop is for you.
· Develop your understanding of personal branding and why it is crucial in a 2020+ workforce
· Utilise the awareness-consideration-decision making communication funnel
· Communicate using the empathetic strategy of think-feel-do
· Create 10 different types of content marketing to promote your personal brand
· Increase your skills in online digital design


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Module 3

Presentation Skills – As leaders in the Agriculture, you are advocating and leading on behalf of the industry. In this workshop, you will learn how to deliver a strong, constructive and informative presentation starting with the fundamentals and moving quickly to professional skills of giving a highly impactful public address. You will learn how to:
· Structure a speech using purpose-audience-occasion
· Utilise 3-stypes of learning activities for the audience during your speech
· Apply the power of archetypical stories 
· Utilise highly impactful statistics
· Apply the distract, disrupt, inspire framework of audience engagement
As representatives of one of Australia’s premier industries, the stories you share about your work, why you do the work and how your work contributes to people, land and place are essential in the raising of your profile and our industry as a whole. In this workshop, you will explore a variety of storytelling structure that you can use as a speaker and practise them in real time, including:
· How to instructional speaking format
· Inspirational/sales speaking format
· Personal/rapport building speaking format


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