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New Role for RGA President



Jeremy Morton has been elected as a SunRice Grower Director and will be stepping down from his position as president of the Ricegrowers’ Association of Australia.


This resignation triggers an election for a new president at the upcoming Central Executive meeting on the 3rd September. Subject to the outcome of this, there may also be an election for one other RGA Board Position.


In his resignation letter to the Central Executive, Jeremy stated that:

"It has been both an honour and privilege to serve the RGA and our members. Thank you for the opportunity to lead the RGA which has an incredible legacy and bright future that will come with new leadership. I wish the best for all of you and the members you represent."


Jeremy has brought dedication and a passion for the rice industry in his role as president, overseeing a constitutional review and structural review of the RGA during his tenure. He has also been a strong advocate for water and for improving the lot of rice growers.


Graeme Kruger, RGA Executive Director said “It has been a privilege serving Jeremy in his role as President and Chairman of the Board. His inclusive leadership style and commitment to the role was sincerely appreciated by fellow Delegates and all the staff at the RGA, he will be missed.”


The RGA congratulate Jeremy on his new role as a SunRice Grower Director and wish him all the best in his new leadership role in the rice industry.



Media Contact: Belinda Lambert, RGA Communications Manager - 0488 071 165

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