Social Media Campaign

Dont Stop Now


It has been 6 weeks since we started our social media campaign. After the initial surge our engagement continues to rise but at a steadier pace so 

please don’t stop now!


It is vital that our members continue to share with their extended networks so that the facts about why 'Australia is the best country in the world to grow rice" is far reaching. What is really important about growing our following is that when we post other important messages about our current fight for water they are heard by a larger audience.


On both Facebook and twitter the most popular post in this period has been about water efficiency in rice growing:

"Australian rice growers have improved their water efficiency by 60% in the past 15 yrs. Water use per hectare continues to decline because of our commitment to best management practices and the development of high yielding rice."


The next most far-reaching posts in this period were about our President, Rob Massina featuring on radio programs; both local and urban, with links to the interviews. Rob talked openly about the need for a water allocation to grow rice in this coming season, and the consequences of not having it.


After that was the post about the RGA seeking water allocations for our growers.

"After recent rains and decent river flows, the RGA is looking to the NSW Dept Water to make a GS allocation on Friday 15 May. - the last opportunity for the 2019-20 season. If there’s available water, don’t hold it, give growers the confidence to plan ahead for 2020-21."


Over the coming weeks we will be continuing these posts and continuing our fight for the viability and sustainability of the rice industry and our regional communities.


We need the support of the nation,

- and hope that you will continue your good work in supporting this campaign

In this period SunRice have initiated a video campaign to recognise our rice growers.  It makes you proud.

You can see the links to the videos on the RGA Facebook and twitter accounts.


Check out :

  • Growers Steve & Jackie Cremasco feeding the population while protecting the environment
  •  Hayden Cudmore talking about the Bitterns in Rice project providing habitat for endangered species. 
  •  And more in the coming week

You can learn about how SunRice's commitment to sustainability in everything they do.