APRIL 2020 

A word from Rob Massina, President of RGA

As a nation we are grappling with uncertainty and forced into a position where our everyday lives have been fundamentally changed. Panic buying, or simply just a change in lifestyle, can be attributed to a higher demand on staple foods on our supermarket shelves.  As primary producers we are fortunate that we can carry on with our innovative farming practices and have our children and grandchildren benefit from the learnings that challenge us each day.

We have the opportunity to show the strength and importance of Agriculture right now as a whole. Rice is a staple diet in many countries across the world and we are seeing them protecting their local supply. Now our own supply is diminished. As Southern Basin irrigators, we know that smart water reform is capable of providing us with a water allocation which will provide more than enough rice to feed our nation, and as a nation we have to ask the question; What is most important to us?   READ THE FULL ARTICLE

A word from Neil Bull, Environment Projects Manager of RGA

The Federal Government Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment has provided $4m in funding to the National Farmers’ Federation to develop and trial the Scheme. Funding has been made available through the $34m Agriculture Stewardship Package. The package recognises that farmers, as stewards of the environment and as land managers are providing benefits to the wider community. Many small and medium sized farmers would like to do more, and the Australian Government is taking the lead to support further stewardship activities by farmers.

Registration is now open for Industry and Stakeholder forums. After the initial desk review of international and domestic options, the resulting catalogue of schemes will be presented to stakeholders for feedback via open group to assist in determining desirable and non-desirable elements of relevant schemes in relation to their applicability to Australian agriculture.  READ THE FULL ARTICLE.

Policy Matters

- Productivity and Industry Affairs

Many of the projects that the Productivity and Industry Affairs (PIA) committee have been working on are planned to be executed over the next 6 months. The Levy increase voted by rice growers is proposed to be implemented in time for the C21 season. The levy for growers will increase from $3 / tonne - $6 / tonne...  READ FULL ARTICLE  


Harvesting and Cartage Rates for rice growers:  READ THE FULL ARTICLE


RGA Annual Conference

The RGA Annual Conference will not be held in 2020, which is very disappointing for the RGA team as this is our major event for the year. We take great pride in being able to put on a great conference for our members and supporters of the Rice Industry. Should we be able to hold events in the second half of the year, the RGA will host a gala dinner to celebrate the industry and the SunRice Grower of the Year 2020 - we will also hold our Annual General Meeting at this time.

RGA Rice Industry Leadership Program 2020: 

 Due to COVID 19 some adjustments will be to the Rice Industry Leadership Program. The RGA are currently working through options with our funding partners, we will seek an extension on the funding period, with an extension that will allow us to run the remaining programs later in 2020 or early 2021. Remaining programs include; Tier 2 Foundations of Leadership and an Alumni event...

Diversity in Agriculture Leadership Program

Applications for the 2020 Diversity in Agriculture Leadership Program have been extended until 5pm EAST Monday 13 April, 2020!!

Seasonal climate update webinar for autumn

Wednesday 15th April, Online.

How to get bank savvy webinar

Tuesday 21 April, Online. 

PestFacts webinar: southern region

Thursday 23 April, Online. 

The Rice Life, Rice Extension Podcast Launch 

April, Online. 


A word from Scott Williams, RGA Yanco Branch President  

One of the glories of an annual crop like rice is that you can choose not to grow it when there is no water, hence only 5% of our rice growers are growing it this year. For those rice growers without water we focus on other farm enterprises until the water becomes available.  For me it is sheep. I don’t know what its like at your place but we are having an exceptional Autumn here at Murrami.

The ewes are lambing with a vengeance directly on to green feed with multiple births common; a complete contrast to some of the disappointing autumns that we have had to put up with in recent years.   READ THE FULL ARTICLE

COVID- 19 Grower Stimulus Information

Ricegrowers’ Association of Australia is committed to keeping our members up-to-date with the latest stimulus information during these uncertain times. To help our members we have compiled a list of resources that will enable members to support households, businesses and address the economic consequences of the Coronavirus. It does not constitute legal or official advice.

The Federal Government unveiled its stimulus package on 12th March 2020. This government has since increased this resource to include stage 2 (22nd March) and JobKeeper initiative on the 30th March. Overall the Federal Governments total support for the economy is $320 billion across the forward estimates, representing 16.4 per cent of annual GDP.  READ THE FULL ARTICLE

Ricegrowers' Association Social Media Campaign 

Dear RGA Members,

We need the support of the nation

In the 10 days since we started our social media campaign on the 31st March, our stories about why 'Australia is the best country in the world to grow rice" has gone out to 67,484 people on Facebook... READ THE FULL ARTICLE


RGA thank our Partners for their generous support throughout the year.

SunRice update on COVID - 19 impacts on water policy issues: Amidst the recent COVID-19 crisis, SunRice has experienced significant increase in demand for SunRice products, which has affected availability of stock in Australian retailers...   READ THE FULL ARTICLE


H2OX outline their latest water report: Just when you think everything is static, things change very quickly. This applies to global issues as we are experiencing with COVID-19 through to the southern MDB water market...    READ THE FULL ARTICLE


While the health crisis is front of mind for everyone, we want to reassure customers in rural and regional Australia that we also recognise many people are still recovering from devastating bushfires, and are dealing with prolonged drought. We will continue to help communities overcome these challenges at the same time as taking the following actions in relation to COVID- 19 (Coronavirus)...    READ THE FULL ARTICLE


Statement from the Rice Marketing Board Chair: The Rice Marketing Board for the State of New South Wales (the RMB) puts the interests of the rice growers of New South Wales first in everything it does. The Covid-19 pandemic has created disruption on a global scale but I would like to assure everyone with whom the Board interacts that the RMB is doing everything it can to minimise the impact of the pandemic on the NSW rice industry...


Local Land Services board elections now open: Voting in the Local Land Services Board elections opens on the 9th April and will remain open until 8th May 2020. Your vote is your voice – request your voting pack today. There is no need to enrol, as all Local Land Services ratepayers are included on the electoral roll automatically...   READ THE FULL ARTICLE

RGA are now in the second year of a wonderful partnership with an energy broker – BEEVO.

Beevo was selected because it is an established leading business solutions provider with a dedicated agriculture division. You will be dealing with specialists who understand not only the rice and mixed crop industry but how our business operates in these challenging times.   READ THE TESTIMONIALS