JUNE 2020 

A word from Rob Massina, President of RGA

As an organisation, we have put a lot of focus on the way we communicate with our members about the issues that directly impact their farming businesses. We have recently received some really good feedback about the fact based, concise information regarding the activities being undertaken by the RGA team who are working on your behalf... READ THE FULL ARTICLE

A word from Graeme Kruger, RGA Executive Director 

Hello Members, 
First and foremost, we thank you for your continued investment with the Ricegrowers’ Association of Australia (RGA). Without your loyalty and support, we would not be able to continuously provide our members with valuable benefits and actively develop our rice industry. Put simply, you make what we do possible... READ THE FULL ARTICLE

Your RGA team advocating for you

An update on RGA's recent, significant engagements with Federal and State Ministers, Government Departments, Peak Bodies, and other major stakeholders.

Find out more about the Rice Vesting review, what's happening in the community wellbeing space, and RGA's contribution to the conversation on water allocations...  READ THE FULL ARTICLE  


RGA Rice Industry Leadership Program 2020: 

 Earlier this year the Ricegrowers Association of Australia together with AgriFutures Australia offered individuals working within the rice industry or an AgriFutures Australia levied industry, the opportunity to participate in a 12 month Mentoring Program facilitated by Rare Birds. We are underway with another one of our fantastic Leadership offerings – this time 9 Rice Industry representative are taking part in an online mentoring experience to advance their personal and business development via one-on-one mentoring... READ THE FULL ARTICLE

Australian Farm Biodiversity Certification Scheme Trial Survey, National Farmers Federation. 

Survey closes Monday 15th June.

Managing Risk in Irrigation Forum series, Rice Extension and RGA.

Tuesday 16th June: 7.00am – 9.30am
Wednesday 17th June: 12.00pm- 2.30pm
Thursday 18th June: 6.30pm – 9.00pm

Save the date: RGA Branch Annual General Meeting's

Monday 29th of June:

  • 12.00 - 12.30 pm RGA Coleambally Branch
  •  6.00 - 6.30 pm RGA Deniliquin & Victoria Branch 

Tuesday 30th of June:

  • 12.00 - 12.30 pm RGA Wakool Branch 
  •  6.00 - 6.30 pm RGA Berriquin Branch 

Wednesday 1st of July:

  • 10.00 -10.30 am RGA Mirrool Branch
  • 12.00 -12.30 pm RGA Yanco Branch 
  •  6.00 - 6.30 pm RGA Hay Branch 


Harvesting and cartage rates for rice growers 

'The Rice Life' Rice Extension Podcast.



A word from Michael Chalmers, RGA Wakool Branch President  

Looking around the Wakool district at the moment there is a general feeling of positivity that I haven’t seen for years. Rain has been the catalyst. 
We’ve had one of the best starts that I can remember, giving us immediate benefit and giving us optimism that it can and will rain properly again... READ THE FULL ARTICLE

It's RGA on the phone  

Reaching out to our members

RGA are reaching out to our members (current, and recently current) to update our database. We want to check your contact details are all up to date, and get a better understanding of our changing membership base and your future needs.  Not everyone wants to receive information in the same way, and you may prioritise some of the things RGA does differently.  This helps us to tailor what we do so that we can deliver what’s important to you. By having up to date contact details we can communicate effectively with our members.

This is also an opportunity for you to ask questions of us.  If the person on the phone can’t answer them, we’ll make sure that someone in our team gets back to you.


RGA thank our Partners for their generous support throughout the year.

With the 2020 Riverina rice harvest now coming to a close, we are turning our minds to the C21 crop which will be planted later this year. While the C20 crop will be our new second-smallest on record, as expected, we have secured enough seed to enable the planting of an 800,000 tonne crop should conditions improve. There has been good autumn rainfall in the catchment, and the outlook from the Bureau of Meteorology is positive for increased rainfall throughout winter – we are all hopeful that this will occur...   READ THE FULL ARTICLE


H2OX outline their latest water report: At the time of writing, Deniliquin had only received 24mm in May (average is 37.9mm) following on from April’s 93.4mm (average 30.5mm). Murray below choke and the Murrumbidgee started the month around $315/ML and is currently trading below $200 (-36%). In fact, prices in all markets have reached parity which adds to the market dynamics...    READ THE FULL ARTICLE


Crisis has always been a powerful catalyst for societal change and there is no doubt COVID-19 is proving the same. It is also serving to underscore the critical importance of connectivity. Mandatory social distancing and self-isolation means healthcare, education, work and commerce and even staying in touch with friends and family are now largely being done online. The amazing technology enabling our connected world is on full display and we are all fortunate the innovation in network connectivity – and the digital tools and services it enables – has come so far. Few of the changes and adaptations to how we are working, studying and socialising today would be possible without it...  READ THE FULL ARTICLE


Rice Marketing Board update: In the last newsletter, we advised that a review of Rice Vesting by the NSW Department of Primary Industries was due to commence in the second half of this year. Vesting is the arrangement in which NSW rice may only be marketed by buyers authorised by the RMB.  Under current arrangements, there is no limit to the number of buyers that can be licensed by the RMB to buy NSW grown rice and sell it on the domestic market, but there is only one buyer licensed to export NSW rice – SunRice... READ THE FULL ARTICLE


RGA are now in the second year of a wonderful partnership with an energy broker – BEEVO.

Beevo was selected because it is an established leading business solutions provider with a dedicated agriculture division. You will be dealing with specialists who understand not only the rice and mixed crop industry but how our business operates in these challenging times.   READ THE TESTIMONIALS